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Tasty Garden Goodness By Candy Webb

Tasty Garden Goodness is a new addition to The Traveler. We hope to inspire you in these articles with wonderful gardening tips and simply great food ideas. Knowing we harvest more tomatoes than we can eat in August, we gave a Toast to the Tomato in July by asking our readers for their favorite tomato recipes. A big thank you to all of the readers who participated. We appreciate you all!

The top three recipes came to us from Sharlene Taylor, Terry Dotson and Kiana Joyce. Thank you and congratulations to you three! We’ve printed your recipes below for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Have fun with these recipes, stay healthy, and happy August gardeners!
  2. Chicken Pestomato Delight
  3. Tomato Chicken in a Skillet
  4. Breakfast Burritos