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Sweet Corn on the Cob – The New Etiquette By Irene Felicia Weathersby

I have seen plenty of sweet corn throughout the communities. A farmer from the town of Morton, Illinois stated that the corn is bountiful. I believe sweet corn on the cob is a perfect blend to enjoy during family or social outings.

In my etiquette studies and executive event planning, there is a section on eating corn on the cob. You will never encounter this at a formal setting, but on the occasion when corn is served, here is how you enjoy it tastefully. Butter and salt only a few rows at a time. If you have a larger ear of corn, it may be broken into smaller pieces, but please be careful as it may be difficult to do when it’s hot. When you are ready to indulge, use both hands on either end of the cob to hold it in place. Just remember to eat straight across or around the ear, whichever suits you!

Irene Felicia Weathersby– Socially yours, Ms. Irene Felicia