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Suspended by Something Within Me By Rev. Charity Sephus

Beloved readers,this is a consecrated article of faith, for the glory of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I invite you to lift your hearts and hands to GOD ALMIGHTY.

This is a testimony of the Hope that lies within me. I can see evidence of God. His embracing awakes me with a new breath of life. A mortal without the spirit would be dead but He is here giving peace and life within me for which I give thanks.

I have lived long enough to know the importance of exaggerating mercy and happiness above misfortune or sadness, to stake a claim on an angel’s arms protecting God’s investments within me. MIGHTY GOD, is so merciful that He takes most of the effort out of living. We take breath after breath without thinking and for this, there is no denying God. His power is gentle in His examples as opposed to despotic in nature.  

Hope sings within me generating fidelity to duty, and respect while knowing this song which has a name called “WONDERFUL.” I don’t have to hear it aloud, but I know it as well as I know my name. He is in any dictionary, resides all over the world, with signs, wonders, and miracles even during an ecumenical pandemic. In the space of my life, He keeps me suspended yet secure where falling is impossible just knowing that he cares for me.

Yesterday, my fingers began to involuntarily turn backward with a painful cramp but that was not commanded by the “COUNSELOR within me” so, as I sat quietly warming, caressing, and comforting my hand, my fingers returned to normal. The Comforter’s spirit within me held the reign and banished pain. Today I am suspended, with no pain, typing normally because of Something within me.

Within this suspension, I expect life to rule over chaos or death. That’s God’s plan which will never be void. Within, I formulate and implement form, purpose, and happiness by turning away from evil, to follow good everywhere (be the one with good sense) seeking peace, and pursuing it.     

Thanks be to God, who gave me what I need to sustain a life with a normal family of love and domestic joys, embellished with notes of sorrowings as well. In fervent prayer, I hang suspended lovingly in honor.       

According to my earnest expectations and hope, I will not be ashamed in anything, but with all boldness, Christ shall be magnified within me whether it be by life, or by death.

When we comfort the feebleminded, support the weak, be patient toward all men without rendering evil for evil, this is happiness and eternal life, by God’s plan. I’m glad I know that it is free, and in me.

May God bless your hearts and give you ease in this sacred message. Read it with faith-filled expectations. God’s blessings are in these brief lines of inspiration.