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Summer Goals By Latasha Schraeder

We are midway through summer break! Where did the time go? During the last half of the summer, I encourage you to set three goals. The first goal is to find ways to spend time with your family. The second is to designate tech-free periods during the day. Last, create consistent reading time for your children.

Time can be spent as a family outdoors in places such as city parks, water parks, and in your own neighborhood. Visit a museum. Many museums offer free or reduced entry fees for students during the summer. Go to the public library. Library cards are available at no cost. Be sure to return the books on time to avoid late fees!

It is not healthy to watch tv, play video games or be on social media at all times! Replace some of that time by spending time in the outdoors. Find ways for your family to volunteer at organizations such as the Salvation Army or local food banks or pantries. Create a chores list. That is a win-win: you get a chore completed, and your children spend some time away from electronics!

Finally, plan time for reading for twenty to thirty minutes several times each week. Put that library card to good use! Create some reading incentives. Get creative. You could possibly allow your children to play in the sprinkler after each reading session. Make popsicles from paper cups and fruit juice to enjoy while reading. The options are endless!