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Such A Little Thing! By Rev.Charity Sephus

wo mites (Greek lepta) are together worth a quadrans, the smallest Roman coin, which is the offering given by a poor widow; the Lord counted as more than rich men who were casting their gifts into the treasury. They all gave of their abundance as gifts, but she gave all she had.

Jesus healed ten lepers who went merrily on their ways. What a shame! Jesus had to ask, “Where are the nine.” Thanks is such a little thing. One returned to Jesus to say, “Thank you.” 

This is a year for us to give phenomenal thanks for such gigantic blessings! God has done great things for us whereof today we are glad!

Little is much when God is in it. All normal exigencies of life seem small until misfortune occurs. At such times, we really pray and try doing kind things; however, more appropriate is pleasing God when all is well. Can you feel a deep sigh of thanksgiving right now? It’s such a little thing.       

When my family members rush by me without a touch, I make an um-hum sound, and they know what that means, and I don’t rush by them either without a gentle caring touch. A touch is to reciprocate. Helping is such a little thing.  I enjoy making special efforts to give nice things away: it’s because I always have more of everything than I need as God promised.  

Isaiah 60:22 “A little one shall become a thousand….” A little boy once gave Jesus his lunch to feed a multitude,  and the leftovers multiplied. The mustard seed grows into a substantial treelike plant, with branches strong enough to lodge the birds of heaven. One amazing thing about seeds is that we may plant one small seed that produces enough to fill many orchards of trees.  “I will multiply thee.”     

A noble deed is a step toward God. How dare we say something is for the glory of God while all the time waiting to get some broad spread recognition from people!  God has a heart that we can rely on. He can send the warmth of a smile like no other. His golden glow touches like a velvet glove on a cool day.

How does God preface our thoughts, acts, and prayers?  It appears that little things please Him. Such as the poor widow’s offering, the lad’s lunch, a drink, one mustard seed that can grow an orchard,  “Thanks” from the healed lepers, oil from the alabaster box for His feet, and faith, without which it is impossible to please Him. Giving prepares our hearts for living.   

Imagine God following closely, as we honor Him in giving: He is replenishing as we give, with more grace for heavy burdens, strength as we wear out.  God is reachable through our acts of giving.

Giving, it’s such a little thing!