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“Stuff” By Robin Carter

Robin Carter - Bird's NestNearly fourteen years ago I was able to purchase my first home. Though I was happy and very excited to have reached one of my long-term goals, there was just one problem, “stuff,” and lots of it. I needed to decide whether to take it, sell it, or discard it. This minor frustration caused a distraction from the primary objective; to move. It seems that I had become so involved with my “stuff” and didn’t foresee ever having to get rid of it. During the spring months I would purge out the closets and the garage, only to find myself replacing those things with something else. This had gotten to be an ongoing process for me because I love storing things.

Let’s think of our life’s journey as a trip we are about to take. When we travel we plan where we are going, how we are going to get there and what must we take with us. When packing we must decide which things are necessary. During our journey in life we tend to pack certain things that we could easily be without. Perhaps we keep them because we feel we may need them later in life. As we launch into “2017” there may be some things we have the desire to give up; such as self-doubt which can/will cause you to lack the confidence you need to move forward spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Negative thinking is a view that will skew reality and put you in a bad mood. If you can change your way of thinking, you can change your view-point of the world. Fear of failure is another draw-back you may want to give up. Fear is an unpleasant emotion that causes worry and anxiety. Embrace the fact that everyone makes mistakes; and be at peace with yourself and stop beating yourself up. We must think smarter, not harder. Be mindful of the things you are carrying and if the load overwhelms you, perhaps you may consider re-packing your bags to a lesser load. If you have been experiencing unnecessary or emotional baggage from 2016, let it go! With God we find new and different ways to be comfortable and happy because the love of God, comfort and peace of mind is the best fortune one can imagine.

It is easy to accumulate too much “stuff” throughout the years, but it can be challenging to give it up. Don’t be a “pack rat” in carrying discomfort and clutter along this year. The accumulations of a lifetime are weighty; and it’s not just the material items. It can be the burden of long-felt guilt, losses or resentments. Jesus has bore our sins and sorrows for us. We are made ready for the eternal weight of Glory beyond all comparisons (2nd Corinthians 4:17). So when “stuff” of the world weighs you down, throw it out!