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Stop Tripping and Start Living

Life Skills Academy participants learn to overcome obstacles while on the road to success

By Angela Henry

James Agbara Bryson, founder of the New Millennium Institute has over 30 years of experience mentoring, advising and empowering individuals to reach their highest potential. His ongoing dedication to uplift the lives of individuals through his many programs and community workshops is remarkable.

Life Skills Class 1One such program is The Life Skills Academy, a four week class held at Heaven’s View Christian Church where participants’ personal, academic and employment needs and readiness are evaluated. The Academy develops a talent pipeline that implements comprehensive strategies and tools that promote self-sufficiency and workforce development.

Mr. Bryson goes the extra mile when bringing his message “Stop Tripping and Start Living” to the classroom. “It’s real talk” one participant says. “We strive hard everyday to go in the right direction.” He went on to say, “I once believed that failure was inevitable, but working with Mr. Bryson changed my way of thinking.”

Participants are engaged through serious topics, written model applications, guest speakers and class room discussions.

Life skills class pic 2This particular class of seven has developed a respect for one another through their struggles, triumphs and ambitions. Through this class they have identified self-handicapping behaviors and the tools to overcome them to achieve their maximum potential. “As I’m getting through this program, I’m starting to realize about the spiritual foundation and all that’s productive and positive. This program is slowly changing me,” another participant remarked.

On Friday, April 10th the group will graduate, but the message “Stop Tripping and Start Living” will have a lasting impact on the men – anything is possible if and when you set your mind to it!

The next Life Skills Academy classes will be held on April 20, 2015 at Heaven’s View Church, 602 Richmond Ave. Classes are three days a week Mon. Wed. Fri. from 9:00 a.m.–noon and lasts for four (4) weeks. For more information, contact Agbara Bryson New Millennium Institute (309) 208-8778.