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Stop Putting Your Purse on the Floor By Meicka “J”

Many of you have heard the “age-old” superstition “Don’t put your purse on the floor or you will be broke.” I adopted the philosophy. While I never placed my purse on the floor, I’m one of those people that reserves a table larger than the party expected just to have room for my purse. Some choose to hang theirs on the back of the chair. I would only do it if my back was facing a wall. I wouldn’t want to become a victim of theft otherwise. I keep my purse off the ground for hygiene purposes. The ground is covered with too much dirt and germs. I think of it like the bottom of my shoes! In public restrooms, I place my purse on the hook on the back of the stall door. When washing my hands, I refuse to place my purse on the counter; I rather place it between my legs while washing my hands. Water stains can be damaging to certain types of leather and suede.

If you’re a person like me, it’s best to purchase a “purse hook.” A purse hook can be purchased from Amazon or your local department store. Usually less than ten bucks it’s an essential that allows you to prevent your purse from touching the floor. The hooks have a magnetic hold that grips to commercial grade metal such as bar stools, and tables and will hold up to 10lbs. Seriously, putting your purse on the floor can be damaging as you are transferring germs and OMG what if it gets wet? “

A Purse on the Floor is Money out the Door!”