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Stop, Listen What’s That’s Sound? By Robin Carter

Robin Carter - Bird's NestNews! News and more News airs around the clock. If it ain’t one thing it’s another. I am sure many of us are familiar with this comment referring to a situation of recurring and unpleasant things. My mom used this statement oftentimes during my childhood days; usually when in anguish or disgust. As a child I did not understand the concept of what point she was trying to portray. While tuning into the troubles of the world today, I can hear my mom’s voice reciting that statement repeatedly.

Recently members of ISIS set off a couple of bombs in Brussels, Belgium killing more than 30 people and wounding several others. In addition, two American people were also killed in the attack. One of the bombs hit the International Airport; another struck a Metro Station at which a level-4 alert was issued by authorities denoting “serious and imminent attack.” In an interview with Prime Minister Charles Michel, he stated that what happened there (being struck by the attacks) was something they did not for-see. A statement released by via The Amaq News Agency, a group that has been linked to the militant extremists stated that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but they are blaming Belgium in participating in the fight against ISIS. Michel promised that Belgium will defend its values and liberty and hopes to return to a normal life rapidly. An even more terrifying thought is that we never know where or when these types of attacks will occur again. Not to mention that we are experiencing the “dirty fight” between two presidential candidates who seem to stop at nothing to get into the White House. It causes one to realize whether the American people should seek out new candidates to vote for.

Some news outlets are constantly switching from the presidential election back to the bombing in Brussels. In spite of all this, sometimes we just need to turn it all off and sit quietly and listen.”Can you hear it? Yesss! It’s that sweet still voice of the Lord saying, though the storms of life may be raging, the people of the world will have peace. “John 10:10 states that the enemy comes but to kill, steal and destroy, “I have come that they may have life, more abundantly.

Many battles took place in the Bible days. In Joshua 6:5-13 tells how Joshua received his marching orders from an appearance of the “Captain of the Lord’s Host.” This may have been an appearance of God personally to bring a message to him. The message was that the Hebrew military would march around the city once a day for six days. On the seventh day they would march around seven times. Following God’s plan the children of Israel defeated the city of Jericho. After they marched around the city according to their instructions, the wall fell down flat. Israel entered the city and took the city as their first victory in the new territory God has promised to them several hundred years before (Joshua 6:6-27). So let’s turn down all of the turmoil and pray without ceasing and listen to the instructions of the Lord. For in the end we will hear the walls of Jericho tumbling down.