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Start the New Year with LOVE, The Proper Noun By Rev. Charity E. Sephus

LOVE is a word used as a verb, adverb, adjective, and proverb, but more importantly, a proper name for God. God is LOVE. So, my friends, let us start the new year with Love in mind in its many ways while especially as the identity of God.

Let’s talk about Love, the verb. We suppose it will make our lives flow gently, which sounds wistful. Some shout about Love, the action verb, as if it can make wars end and the earth yield heavens commodities. If we keep pretending, all is as well as a loud noise, watch out for disappointment.

We all sing about Love and expect to be happy in life if we only find the right companion. Our songs sound sweet; we feel great and hopeful in the lyrics and tunes. Our zeal chooses activities for fun, as we say how much we love fishing, sports, concerts, good food, traveling, and good company.  

Who can enjoy and even say “I am in love” with everything created by God without expressing Love for Him? Listen, my friends! Life, death, angels, principalities, things now or in the future cannot replace “LOVE,” the proper noun, meaning God! We must surrender without reservation to God, our lifeline. His breath of life starts us daily. However, tomorrow is not the promise of God, although everyone expects to arise each morning.   

LOVE created man in his image. By breathing, life, and power, man became more than a mud statue. In lovingkindness, Love shared entities of himself as He poured “out his spirit” upon flesh, dictated the functions of the body, and lent pulse from his own heart. In one unselfish contribution, he taught the first class of Starting with “LOVE,” the proper noun.  

Let us pray. MY LOVE, consecrate me to share with others. Your beauty drops from heaven. Amen.

I am one who loves God, and I love being His servant. Nothing makes me happier than refreshing Holy LOVE. You may ask why, but you know without him, there was nothing, no one, and the earth he created was waste and void. Remember, all seek LOVE. God made all things when he spoke; all he needed was his Word to create heaven, earth, and man.

Love proved himself, so let us not fear sharing Him. He is the fount of every good deed and seed. Think of our Savior when using the word LOVE, the identity of our creator. Our hearts identify Love when we listen. Our persona requires Love and exudes him as well. LOVE, alive in us, is our perfection and direction. Today, we open our heart’s doors for him. We must welcome his holy spirit. The important LOVE of our life we treated with much respect. Reciprocating LOVE is simple for those who will have a blessed life by starting with LOVETHE PROPER NOUN. (1JOHN 4:11) With Him, let us face life and live. Everyone who loves is born of God and knows Him because God is LOVE.