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Spray it lightly – Cologne and Perfume Etiquette By Irene Felicia Weathersby

Have you ever entered into a room, elevator or close quarters and all you smell is the overpowering scent of someone’s cologne or perfume! Ladies and gentlemen, when you are preparing for the day or evening, just remember to spray lightly. Perfume and cologne are delightful, when used in moderation. However, most of us have experienced being knocked out by someone who got carried away with fragrance and didn’t know when to stop. Not only does it overpower your senses, it can make some people sick. Also, if more than one person wears fragrance, the different scents may clash. Remember that personal space includes the air that people breathe.

Here are some helpful tips on wearing fragrance:

  1. Lighten up. Don’t overdo the fragrance, or it will cross the line from smelling good to stinking and making others sick. I was in the airport at the check-in line and all I could smell was the overpowering scent of a woman’s fragrance. I could not wait to get out of line and I was praying that we were not on the same flight.

  1. Remember where you’re going. If you are attending church, going to the office, interviewing for a job, or visiting someone in the hospital, you’re better off wearing little or no fragrance.

  1. Dump it when it’s old. Over time, fragrance can become stale, so when your nose gets even the slightest tickle that tells you something isn’t right, throw it out and buy a new one.
  1. Don’t apply it in a vehicle or on public transportation.

  1. Avoid spraying on your clothes. Some of the ingredients in fragrance or body spray may cause spotting or bleaching on certain fabrics.

  1. Remember the season and time of day when choosing a fragrance. A floral scent will seem out of place on a cold winter day.

Irene Felicia WeathersbySocially yours,

Ms. Irene Felicia