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Spotlight on Energy Efficiency By Kristol Simms, Director of Energy Efficiency, Strategy & Innovation, Ameren Illinois

For over 10 years, Ameren Illinois has worked with communities to promote energy efficiency. As Director of Energy Efficiency, I work with a passionate team that cares about helping our customers decrease their energy usage and lower their energy bills.

There are many businesses and organizations that have made significant impacts in the area of energy efficiency. From use of new, innovative technology, to securing significant savings, to creative ideas that benefit entire communities, there are many remarkable stories out there. As a way to acknowledge these efforts, we created the first ever Ameren Illinois Energy Innovator Awards. We received 39 submissions for the awards; each with a unique story to tell of how being energy-efficient has transformed their organization. One library upgraded their lights to improve visibility for reading and used the savings from lower energy costs to purchase more books for visitors. Another non-profit put together energy efficiency classes for their clients to make saving energy simple and approachable.

We are very proud to have these groups promoting energy efficiency throughout our service territory. Their commitment to these efforts re-affirm our mission to power the quality of life. We look forward to next year’s submissions and celebrating more energy efficiency stories.