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Something more valuable than silver or gold By Charity Sephus

Acts 3:6 Peter said silver and gold I do not have; but what I do have, that I give to you:    

The Jerusalem church had three thousand members. Some believed that Jesus was the Messiah but others crucified Him. They met in private homes, also assembling at the temple regularly.

Peter and John, were going there about three o’clock one afternoon, when they came to the entrance, (called “THE BEAUTIFUL GATE) where a crippled man sat on the ground. He had been crippled from birth, so everyday his friends carried him to this place in the hope that those entering might give to him. The apostles stopped in front of him, and Peter said kindly, “Look at us.” As the lame man looked eagerly at the two, hoping that they had some money to give him, Peter said “I have no money for you, but I will give you what I have.” Then he grasped the man’s lame hand and exclaimed, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!” Immediately the man felt life in his limbs. He jumped to his feet praising God.

Peter stood up among the inquiring people saying, “God has raised Jesus from the dead and glorified Him in this healing. Jesus, whom you crucified, it is through his name that we have made this crippled man well.” Peter then spoke tenderly saying, “I know you didn’t realize what you were doing, but God made prophecies come true by sending Jesus. Repent! God will forget your sins and send Jesus again”.

The priests were displeased to hear Peter say that Jesus was alive, so they arrested Him and John. Despite the actions of the priests, more people accepted the truth about Jesus and the membership of believers grew five thousand.

The same officials who condemned Jesus to death, also tried Peter and John saying, “Where did you get the power to heal this man?” Peter, with no basis for personal pride, said, “….it was done in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, whom you killed, and God raised from the dead.” The priest was astonished by the bold intelligence spoken, since they were provincial fishermen. Indubitably, they had been present when the lame man was healed.

The Jewish officials dismissed Peter and John from the room while determining their next action. Their compunction prevented them from harming the two so they warned them to stop teaching about Jesus. Peter continued astutely and emphatically, “Do you think we will disobey God to satisfy you? We’re compelled to spread the news.”

People had come to believe the apostles, so the rulers were afraid to severely punish them. With threats and warnings, Peter and John were released. They prayed with believers giving thanks to him for the Holy Spirit, then continued preaching with even more courage.

The power and radiance of the Holy Spirit is more precious than silver or gold.