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Slow Down this Summer By Katherine Young

As soon as school is out, what do many families do?

Young KatherineThey bombard themselves with a new summer schedule filled with planned activities to run around and then before they know it, school is about to begin again. I have been a part of this group: running kids to baseball games, tennis practice, swimming lessons, dance recitals, and even technology camps. While there is nothing wrong with having your kids involved in summer activities, I want to share some food for thought: less is more.

Instead of participating in five different camps, choose the top two options. And what to do with the extra time? Get to know the people you live with. Create memorable moments out of the mundane: reading together, riding bikes, playing dominoes, teaching your kids how to cook, or even doing the latest (or oldest) dance moves in the backyard. These are the moments that youth cherish—not how often they ran around to all the different activities, but when life slowed down, how they felt being loved.

My family is starting June off in a really different way. We’re taking a “no-spending” challenge. We only pay for the necessities, like bills and groceries, and save the rest of the money. This will be very interesting for us—almost like an adventure to keep life simple, stay creative and just “BE” at home. While there are projected challenges, this “no-spending” challenge gives us the opportunity to enhance our gifts and create special memories with what we have.

I want to encourage you to focus on the mantra “LESS IS MORE” and live life more fully. You may be surprised what you can live without and how much more you gain in the simplicity of life.