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Should you travel with jewelry? – Travel Talk with Ronda Guyton Travel Agency, Inc.

Welcome to your monthly edition of travel talk with Ronda Guyton Travel Agency, Inc.

The question was asked about whether you should travel with jewelry. The quick answer as a travel professional I suggest you keep your valuables at a minimum. When you are traveling domestically or internationally, some areas are disproportionately poor and rely on American tourism. If you have a lot of bling, some will believe you are wealthy and may try robbing or con, you. Keep your valuables at home. Some custom jewelry looks very tempting and will have some resale value depending on the pawn shop they try and sell it to.

I generally travel with small post earrings, one or two bracelets I can mix and match with my attire, and one or two necklaces. That’s it! Generally speaking, people commit crimes of opportunity. Do not give anyone a reason to try and rob you.

I know several people that travel solo, and that is great (I have traveled many times solo). However, there is strength in numbers. Always be aware of your surroundings. Make sure you lock the safe in your room. After you lock the safe, take a towel or Kleenex and wipe the numbers off. It has been reported that the oil from your finger may be used to hack the safe.

Bonus tip: Travel insurance is one of the most important things you can purchase. Protect your investment. You do not want to travel and get into an accident and cannot be flown back home or not receive the best care. When traveling internationally, the level of care is not the same as in the US.

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Travel is a lifestyle, enjoy!