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Shots Fired… By Mae Catherine Godhigh

While swamp people dine on Almas caviar and drink Armand de Brignac Rose Champagne, our city morgues house the remains of our nation’s school children. From the 1764 Enoch Brown school massacre until the most recent massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida; the headlines are basically the same. Only the names of the victims have changed.

In Dallas, during the NRA Annual Meeting, attendees were allowed to carry firearms except during the forum where Trump and Pence were to deliver their speeches. Trump went on to suggest that teachers get a “bit of a bonus” to carry guns in the classroom. His comments caused me to reflect upon the concept of books and bullets.

The average American wants our children safe period. They deserve to be safe in their homes, in the classrooms, on the playgrounds and on the streets of our cities. The second amendment and gun control have become toxic debates. Who are the winners? The National Rifle Association, big corporations and the seared conscious lobbyists. Ever ask yourself what would “Children First” look like instead of America First? Without children there would be no America. We owe our children more than thoughts and prayers.

Our teachers are human and they have their breaking points too. This is how America repays them with a bit of a bonus. First, we drastically reduce educational funding. Next we cut the arts, programs and trade courses because everybody is going to college. Brace yourself; it only goes down from here. We pigeon-hole students in overcrowded classrooms and expect the teacher to be a miracle worker. Now for the final insult, many teachers purchase their own classroom supplies because there is not enough money in the budget. On top of this, Trump wants to serve a cocktail of books, bullets, volatility and disparage.

So what does Trump’s comments mean for communities with children of color?

You can anticipate children of color in the classroom will suffer the most from a strapped educator. Unconscious racism hides behind badges, in courtrooms, in our places of worship, on jobs and in our classrooms.

As parents and Americans are we prepared to receive these types of phone calls from our schools?

#1 – Student went into the teacher’s desk and took weapon. Shots fired.

#2 – An agitated student refuses to leave the classroom. Teacher attempts to physically remove student. Shots fired.

#3 – I was afraid. Shots fired.

#4 – He was big. He was angry. He was black. Shots fired.

#5 – Teacher’s weapon accidentally discharged. Shots fired.

#6 – Teachers feared for his/her life. Shots fired.

The burning bush moment has arrived. As concerned citizens, you can call for town hall meetings to discuss your concerns. You can hold leaders of your school district accountable for hiring more minority teachers. You can contact your local elected official and demand tougher or even new gun laws. You can elect to home-school your child. You can discuss Prep academies. You can vote in all elections. You can run for public office. Whatever method you decide, you need to do it today before more shots are fired.