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Sheriff’s Office Follows Suit for Safety for Craigslist sales and exchange

Peoria – Peoria County Sheriff Michael D. McCoy agrees with the Peoria Police Department that police stations may prove a safer location for the public to conduct Craigslist sales and exchanges. Therefore, persons wishing to utilize the parking lot or lobby of the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office for such transactions may do so at 301 N. Maxwell Rd in Peoria. Sheriff’s employees will not intervene on either the seller’s or buyer’s behalf unless action is required to ensure public safety.

Sheriff McCoy acknowledges the wisdom of providing neutral ground for the exchange of goods: “It is truly disheartening that a young man would be killed while trying to sell his vehicle on Craigslist, and we certainly do not want a similar tragedy to occur here. I think the Peoria Police offering their facility as a safe location for two strangers to meet to conduct a sale is a good idea and the more locations, the better. People are certainly welcome to come to the jail to do this type of business if it is more convenient than going downtown.”