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SHE is a Game-Changer By Katherine Young

Everywhere you go, you see her.

Katherine Young photoShe is beautiful in her walk, her talk, her confidence, her eyes, her hair, and even in her hands. Her silence speaks volumes and will hush a room just as she enters, setting the stage of command. She is helping you to become a better person. She has been helped by standing on the shoulders of others like her. Practicing what she preaches, she empowers others to take a stand in what they believe in, to not degrade themselves in order to climb the ladder of success, but to break the glass-shielded barriers with courage and integrity, so that a new path can be created for others to walk behind her.

You may have been raised by her. She toiled day and night to ensure you had all that you needed and some of the things you wanted. She has placed all others above herself, but then learned that true strength comes when she takes care of herself so that she can continue caring for others. Despite any arising challenge, she does not quit, she can’t quit, and dismisses the thought of it because she knows there are others depending on her to thrive. She is more than a survivor, but she is a game-changer. She is a BOSS.

She had one bag of beans and a shank of ham—fed over fifteen, plus seconds and an ice-box cake everyone could enjoy. She was tired from working all day to move to the back of the bus, and decided it was a good day to stand her ground. She wanted equal opportunities in education for all boys and girls, and the Taliban shot her in the head—but she still survived and speaks out today for educational equality all around the world. She published her own book to invest the power of prayer in others carrying their God-given seed. She sings loudly speaking the truth that today is a great day to make your own path—don’t wait for someone else to do it. She thinks outside the box and decides to live on purpose with intention. She is a game-changer. She is a BOSS.

We have to continue to teach our younger sisters that they too can be game-changers. She can defy the odds of poverty, inequality, and any other obstacle that says she can’t be successful on her own terms. Remember that the only one that can stop you is you. Dare to be a game-changer. Dare to be a BOSS.