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July 3rd 2015 – Shaun Livingston Returns – with the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy

Shaun Livingston takes a contemplative moment and hugs the 
NBA Championship Trophy in the middle of the 1:00 PM Friday 
media blitz at Peoria Central High School.   

Peoria is one of only two cities currently on the trophy tour schedule.  

Golden State Warriors corporation communications assistant, 
Massimo Degaudenzi, has escorted the Larry O'Brien Trophy
to Peoria, Illinois and then on to Ames, Iowa where Harrison Barnes,  
an Ames native and starter for the Golden State Warriors, 
will be grand marshal at the Fourth of July parade.  

Shaun shares a moment with the Peoria Central High School cheerleaders (+ 1) in the halls of the high school.