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Shaun Livingston & Company: Celebrating a Champion & Sharing Success through Community Basketball Clinics By Katherine Young


fbets-20150703T134716-IMG_3633_v1Tfbets-20150703T133821-IMG_3607_v4he Peoria community is proud to celebrate Golden State Warriors point guard Shaun Livingston for winning the 2015 NBA Championship. On July 3rd Livingston returned to his alma mater, Peoria High to share his success – with the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. Golden State Warriors corporation communications assistant, Massimo Degaudenzi escorted the Larry O’Brien Trophy to Peoria which was one of only two cities currently on the trophy tour schedule with Ames, Iowa being the next.

 The Peoria community can celebrate this momentous occasion Friday, July 10th at the Brewers Distributing Company (2421 W. Townline Rd.) at 5:45p.m. for an evening with Shaun Livingston, “A Champion.” Tickets can be purchased via the following: online via Eventbrite at; Brewers Distributing Company; reserved by email at amanda@theslfoundation.; or tickets may be reserved by phone at (309) 231-3855.fbets-20150703T140037-IMG_3655_v1

Shaun continues to share his success through the Shaun Livingston Foundation by giving back to the community through his basketball clinics. In his own words, Shaun has said that “the future we want will not happen by itself. It will happen only with conscientious effort, creativity and innovation on the part of all of us.” Putting forth due diligence to help win the 2015 NBA Championship, Shaun shares the same enthusiasm to help impact young people in the Peoria community. The following is a line-up of dates and events where youth can participate and interact with Shaun:

  • July 13-16: Shaun Livingston, AJ Guyton, Daniel Ruffin, Dan Ruffin and Marcellus Sommerville will hold a free basketball clinic, “The Pride of Peoria” Basketball camp.
    Location: Peoria High School, Monday thru Thursday

Youth age groups: for boys and girls ages 8 through high school seniors.

Brochures have been distributed to the Boys and Girls Club, Southside Mission, PCCEO, Neighborhood House, Carver Center, and Proctor.

This basketball clinic serves approximately 400 youth.

  • July 16: Shaun will be at Bulldozer Park for the Chiefs game. Shaun will throw out the first pitch and will sign autographs for a small fee to raise money for the Shaun Livingston Foundation.
  • July 27-30: Shaun, AJ Guyton, Marcellus Sommerville, Daniel Ruffin, and Dan Ruffin will host a “Pride of Peoria Basketball Skills Clinic” at Peoria High School. This is a paid skills clinic for boys from 7th grade to seniors in high school. The cost is $150. This skills clinic is run like an NBA training camp and focuses on specific skills and drills in order to help the Jr. high to high school player.

Shaun is thankful for the guidance and community support he received as a youth. This has greatly helped him to choose the role of assisting and guiding other youth. Help empower your young athlete and register him/her for the basketball clinics. As a community, let Shaun feel Peoria’s love and support by welcoming him at the July 10th “Champion” event and the Chiefs game July 16th. As Shaun says, “[If] we come together and build a strong community, the possibilities are endless for our youth today.”