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Share Your Gifts with Someone By Katherine Young

As we come upon the holiday season, many people’s moods change and are in more of a giving spirit. Why not share your gifts and talents with someone else? In a world where many are looking for self-glorification through social media, it would be so authentic and so outside of today’s norms to think outside of yourself and show concern for someone else.

As a parent and educator, I am often concerned about today’s youth and what their future looks like. Growing up with mentors as a teen was invaluable for my foundation and future, and it was beneficial to connect with others outside of my inner circle to see that there were genuine people in the community who cared. There are many ways we can be of use in the community. All you have to do is spare a few hours a week or month, and you would never realize the impact you could make in another’s life.

If you do have an interest to work with young people, you can mentor a young brother or sister through the Big Brother, Big Sister program. Furthermore, you can help tutor young people or volunteer through the schools to be a reading buddy or even supervise them going to and from school. It is critical that we embrace our youth and engage in active conversations. We need to listen to their concerns as well as share nuggets of wisdom with them to help pave more positive ideas in their minds to seek after instead of many of them focusing on mayhem and chaos that is so prevalent in the city.

It’s not enough for us to keep saying that young people should know better. It’s not enough to even expect someone else to step up and make a difference. Choose today to do at least one thing that can make a positive difference: whether it’s in a young person’s life or someone else’s; choose to share your gift—not for social media likes or fame—but because you want to see the community positioned as a better place for everyone.