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SHARE THE RICHES By Christian Ambassador Charity E. Sephus

charity SephusJesus said “Give and it shall be given unto you good measures; pressed down, shaken together, and running over, shall men give unto your bosom.” -Luke 6:38

It is impossible to give more than God gives to you! There are those who may ridicule and laugh when they see you giving and even take all you give to them with an attitude that you are such a silly person. But here is the answer that Jesus has recorded for our reference. After you give you can say as David said, “my cup runs over”. My closet is always overrun.

A spark can start a very big fire. A seed can grow an orchard. A good deed can change your world forever. And a simple act of kindness is always noticed by God.

Share the riches that God gives. When he gives you an apple, plant a seed. Share the fruit of a righteous life acknowledging Him in all your ways so He can direct your path. Share what you have with others and be blessed. It only takes one spark to get a fire going. And many can warm up in its flame.

Pay it forward” is one of today’s expressions. It emphasizes a common value that we should keep the flow of kindness and helpfulness going into the next generation. Dearly beloveds, I challenge you to share God’s love. Take the compassion, concern, and knowledge you have received from God, and purposely contribute efforts for the good of another. .

To return the favor granted to us is easy. There is a greater virtue in serving total strangers, because they can’t pay you back and they give you very good feedback about the quality of your deed. They don’t pull punches because they don’t know you and don’t have to worry about the consequences of hurt feelings or inflated ego. The greatest virtue comes in doing good things for your enemies because they are certain not to reciprocate but God rewards. The joy comes from doing the right thing; not the popular thing. Give when it isn’t expected, that’s how it is with God’s love.

One bad apple can spoil an entire barrel, unless you remove it quickly. However, let us take a different approach to this maxim, because the opposite is true as well. Although not with apples but one good deed inspires another. Good deeds travel like waves on a lake spreading far beyond their initial source. Here is another challenge. Do good without a reason. Keep doing kindness in spite of that bad apple. Just take its seeds and start an orchard. Someone will appreciate, see your good works and glorify the “Father who is in heaven” Take the good (seeds) from the bad apple and make pie with the good ones.

Let a motorist into your lane. Hold that door for a few seconds for the next person. Courtesy generates altruism in the depth of our hearts. Our best is for the Master. God’s promise is showers of blessings. Don’t worry about the one who is careless. Do your duty like a Christian. God is pleased when we share his love. He notices every sacrifice. My friends, let us abound in good works. Our labor and kindness is not in vain in the Lord. Very early one morning, my phone began ringing “off the hook” with calls for Owl Construction Company. It would have ruined the day’s business for them with the phone lines crossed, so I began taking messages for them and transferring them to the right location. It was a “spark of kindness” but gratitude was shown to me lucratively for many years afterward.

One hot afternoon, a lady was walking carrying a bag that weighted her down, so I SHARED the riches of a lift to the bus stop. Another lady perspiring heavily, had no hat, so I shared by giving her my new hat to shield her from the very hot sun. Yet another young lady sat waiting for a bus so I took her home. I knew her because she had done favors for me. This is only a testimony that little is much when God is in it. Doing good deeds and sowing good seeds is how I want the Lord to find me. I am not burned out or frustrated and my storehouse is full.

After a day of pleasures and distress, accomplishments and disappointments, as we move into evening time, knowing that we have given something before we go to take our rest. Our deeds qualify us to be named among the Blessed.