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Seasoned, Ripe, and Ready: The New Seniors By Lorraine B. Carter

Seasoned, Ripe, and Ready to Go, that’s right, the new seniors are ready to go to work, and have much to offer to America’s employers. These people are talented, knowledgeable, creative, and eager to get started. Many have retired from various positions and are going to school to learn new skills, and it’s about time for employers to tap into this enormous warehouse of human resources.

Most statistical data and graphs on elderly persons ready to work end at seventy-five years of age, but the number of individuals ready to work goes well past that age. There the experts go again, setting an age bar; before it was 65. The Civil Rights Law’s have abolished age discrimination, so why do the data keeper’s end their research at 75 for elders seeking employment? My guess is; the thinking, after the age of 75, health problems are apt to arise. However, for those interested in getting back in the workforce, there are resources available to help you — one being:, an original site for Boomers and Seniors. The site lists Part-Time, Full Time, Seasonal, and Hourly Jobs.

Maybe you would be happy starting your own business. Many seniors have done just that, started a multiplicity of businesses and have developed them into profitable ventures. You can develop things you like to do into a business. You could start a craft business, bake cookies, walk dogs, clean houses; the pay is great, (not like the old days of eight dollars a day and carfare.) Are you a good cook? A lot of people don’t like to cook; you can make money cooking for them. Look around; you might find a need for a business in your neighborhood. Think of ways to start a small business with a small amount of money. Of course, you can volunteer. Volunteering can lead to full-time employment. Think of something suitable for your age and health abilities. Be practical and patient. Eventually, you will find your gold mine. Know that your dreams can come true!

The new seniors are indeed Seasoned, Ripe, and Ready. The gold mines are sometimes in your own neighborhoods, right under your proboscis. Americans are masters of invention, and that earmarks our mature population. Some great men and women didn’t find success until they became seniors. Duncan Hines, Martha Stewart, and Harland Sanders, to name a few were well past their youth when becoming successful. They didn’t stop because of the failures in their lives; taking risks and trying new things led to their success. You are never too old to dream and make those dreams come true. Take fear out of the equation. Keep a positive attitude, and don’t let your age hinder you in your climb to success. You are Seasoned, Ripe, and Ready to Go!