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School Bullying Must Stop By Don Lyons

Picture in your mind, that is, if you haven’t already come across this – a nine or 10-year-old that has taken his or her own life because of bullying. Or how about a teenage high school girl who also takes her own life due to the fact she was raped and sexually assaulted inside her high school auditorium?

Regardless of their ethnicity, these children share one common factor as it pertains to bullying; a lack of support at home and at school. Some parents are too busy to take the time to listen to their child, while teachers and administrators are busy telling the child to ignore. Bullying is at raging epidemic proportions, and it must cease. It has caused much violence in American schools, ranging from suicides to mass school shootings. The above things are factual events. To bring this point to light, one of these precious children was pressured day after day at school. Finally, after facing this constant onslaught, this weary-minded 10-year-old was told by his classmates that he didn’t belong in their school and to kill himself, and he did.

The suicide of young elementary-aged children and the suicide of a teenage girl because of being raped and brutally sexually assaulted in her school auditorium prompted me to write a book titled, My Name Made A Difference. Bullying is at epidemic proportions, and it must cease. Let’s all join in the fight to stop it.

One of my coworkers purchased the book and shared with me after reading it that she had attempted suicide twice in middle school and that many details in my book were identical to her own. Let’s join together and stamp out bullying. Parents, listen and observe your children and school personnel; ignoring isn’t always the answer.

My Name Made a Difference can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, Indie Books, or anywhere books are sold.

Don Lyons was a long-time resident of Peoria, Illinois. He graduated from Manual High School, Illinois Central College, and attended Bradley University. He and his wife Annie presently reside in South Carolina. Don’s favorite hobby is writing, and he and his lovely wife love to visit African American museums and other cultural places. He loves working with children and has devoted most of his life to children, some of which as an educator with Peoria Public Schools District 150 and as a foster/adoptive parent for over twenty-five years.