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Say A Little Prayer By Cheryll Boswell

Not sure what agency is doing the marketing commercials for Walmart; kudos to them. The music on one of their Christmas tv commercials is reassuring. Aretha Franklins’ song “You’re All I Need” is the background music for a Walmart holiday tv ad. Those who are my age or older are aware this song had a totally different meaning when it was first released in the late ’60s. Maybe it’s just me; the lyrics and Aretha’s voice seem to get my attention. They both seem to have a calming effect on this stressful day, which happens to be on November 3, 2020. Election Day.

I am concerned about the stress levels of many, especially African Americans, including me. Never in my life have I seen so many people concerned about our Presidential election and with good reason. The fact we are living in a pandemic during an election is stressful. There is no question this pandemic and virus has disproportionately infected Black people and low-income families more than any other ethnic group. People have lost their jobs and are struggling to pay rent and feed their families. Some are having to make decisions to either pay rent or make a car payment. No one wants to ride public transportation during a pandemic to get to work. Yet, that is a decision many African Americans are having to make so they can show up at their essential jobs.

I have found myself on social media 150% more in the past 60 days than I have in the past 12 months. Social media has been both my stress relief and stress inducer. I’m making a concentrated effort to turn Facebook off, along with Instagram and Twitter.

This election is more than just electing a president, and if our presidential candidate doesn’t win, we will have another chance in four more years. It’s way more important and bigger than that. This 2020 election is about keeping democracy in the United States of America. This election is about removing an impeached president who believes he has the power to circumvent the democracy and constitution in this country and do whatever he wants to do. Donald Trump has openly defied Congress and the courts during his first term in office. He has twisted foreign policy so that it benefits him and his family. Electing him again would empower a criminal to change the institution of laws while demolishing the checks and balances this constitution has currently in place.

This presidential election is about making Black Lives Matter. It’s not about some gold tooth music rapper who gets an opportunity to talk with the president and now feel they have the authority to speak on behalf of African Americans across the country. I’ve yet to hear Donald Trump say the words black lives matter.

I know that God is all I need to get by despite all the chaos going on. When I wake up on Wednesday, I’m going to say a little prayer this country will move forward with peace and stability, and Donald Trump will no longer be the president.