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Sankofa By Mae Catherine Godhigh


Do you know what it means

Listen to the song she sings

She flies while looking back

Displaying her colors of red, green and black

Daring to soar

Daring to remember

Looking to the future

Never to surrender

Over the Atlantic Ocean she came

To a land of beauty

A land of lies and shame

Native Americans

Robbed and killed

Guns, broken treaties

Innocent blood was spilled

Leaving the south and going north

Looking for the land of new birth

Up North is where she can be free

That’s the land for my people and me

Left plantation behind

City work

I aim to find

Told old masta good-bye

I’m moving on up to a house in the sky

No more trees

Bear strange fruit

No more increasing

Mast’s loot

No more fears

No more unprofitable years

Took jobs in stock yards

And factories

Working, praying


For my family

Our stories

Our struggles

Our victories


Passed down

To a generation

Upward bound

This is Sankofa

A bird

A song

A people

Her journey.

By Mae Catherine Godhigh