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Ron Stodghill Establishes Credibility Among Top HBCUs — Special to the Traveler Weekly By Cassiette West-Williams

Groundbreaking Book by Ron Stodghill Establishes Credibility Among


Special to the Traveler Weekly By Cassiette West-Williams

 Ron StodghillWhere Everybody Looks Like Me BookcoverNot everyone can be like Brother Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. writing out $100,000 checks to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), but everyone can make a contribution to sustaining one. Professor and author Ron Stodghill writes that as Taylor, CEO and president, heads and leads the not-for-profit Thurgood Marshall College Fund, he and several other key players are enabling HBCU’s the ability to thrive and be competitive with today’s high school graduates.  After all, all colleges are a business and several black campuses have been closed or are struggling. As Stodghill breaks it down in his new book, it takes a savvy business man, resources, and contacts to keep HBCU’s attractive and prepared to educate the next generation. 

The book titled, “Where Everybody Looks Like Me: At the Crossroads of America’s Black Colleges and Culture”, was released in September and has quickly risen to the top of America’s bestselling books about the history, relationships and economics of black college life. Sure, there are marching band competitions and pretty girls, but the core of the matter is do our universities have what they need to remain a driving force in today’s society?

Professor Stodghill asked the hard questions and went in-depth for the painful answers. He created a conversation with students, administrators, donors, and educators, that points HBCUs in a proactive direction for continued success. Should some issues be revisited in the business office? Yes. But at least a transparent dialogue has begun for the masses to continue and act on.

Stodghill will be touring the Midwest, including a Chicago book signing in mid-October. The book sells for $28 and can be purchased from Harper Collins Publishers or at local bookstores. Professor Stodghill teaches at Johnson C. Smith University in North Carolina.