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Rev. Craig Williams – Promoted to Executive Director – South Side Mission

South Side Mission’s Board of Director’s is proud to announce the promotion of Rev. Craig Williams to Executive Director. In his position, Rev. Williams will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Mission and work closely with the leadership team and the Board to pursue the vision set out for the Mission’s strategic plan.

Rev. Craig Williams joined the South Side Mission in 2003 as a youth worker. He has become a powerful soldier of ministry in Peoria fighting drugs, poverty and hopelessness. His battlegrounds are the toughest neighborhoods, schools, and housing projects on Peoria’s south side. Personally and professionally, he is devoted to helping those who need it most. His weapons are a persistently positive attitude, accountability, and a well-worn Bible.

Over the course of Rev. William’s career at the South Side Mission, he has been essential to the organization’s growth and success for 14 years. From being the Director of External Ministries to Assistant Executive Director and his promotion to Co-Executive in 2014. He has served in Adopt-A-Block, Hope Builders Home Repairs, Before School Chapel Ministry in 5 Peoria Public Schools, 4 food pantries, Youth-In-Motion Praise Dance Ministry, Redeemed Boys Mentor Ministry, Elderly Services and much more.

The Mission, founded in 1925, is Peoria’s older rescue mission. The Mission was featured in World Magazine which rated it 1 of the top 10 ministries in the United States. Today, Rev. Williams still strives to continue the legacy of Helen Haien, founder of South Side Mission to deliver programs and services that restore the lives of the people God sends to the Mission.

Craig is a proud husband, father of 3 and grandfather of 4, and continues to make his family a top priority in his life surpassed only by his dedication to God. He is determined to pass the message of unconditional love on to the people who need to hear it the most.

For more information on South Side Mission, please feel free to visit the Mission website, or call (309) 676-4604 to schedule a tour.