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Resolve To Be Financially Fit In 2017 By Janice Parker

Janice ParkerThe first of the year always brings with it the promise of new beginnings and the burden of self-improvement. The New Year is a great time to overhaul your financial life for the better, reevaluate where you stand financially and take the necessary steps to get you closer to your money goals. It’s also a great time to sit down and evaluate your spending: past, present and future. Here are a few tips you might consider to start your New Year’s off to a great start.

  • Important Documents – Do you, your spouse or designated family member(s) have access to insurance policies, wills, tax forms, bank account numbers, investment specifics and other important documents and information?
  • Debts and Assets – How much do you currently owe and are you paying off your debt as quickly as possible? Surprisingly, some people don’t know their current debt because they don’t know how or choose not to access their collection debt. Do you have any collection debt? If so, what are you doing about it?
  • Spending Plan – Is your current budget working well for you, or are there areas in need of adjustment? If your spending doesn’t match your priorities, fine-tune your budget to get the most out of your income.
  • Goals – Revisit the financial goals you made in 2016. Are you moving toward them as quickly as you’d like? Do you have any new goals that you’d like to accomplish in 2017?
  • Financial Vulnerability – Find the weak links in your financial armor. Do you have too much debt? Is your income secure? Identifying your financial weaknesses is the first step to strengthening your financial picture overall.
  • Responsibilities – Is your division of financial responsibilities working for you? If not, what can you change to ensure you are happy?

Whether your goal is to spend less, save more, become debt free or simply to get financially fit; just do it!