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Reply to “Teacher union backs Angela Sierra as write-in PPS board candidate” By Jackie & Gene Petty

This letter is in support of Martha Ross, the current president of Peoria Public School District.  We feel that Martha has earned our vote because she has been an ardent advocate for the children, parents and teachers in the district.  For the past 16 years some of her hard-fought battles have been for the Parent/Teacher Advisory Committee, the Parent University, the Discipline Committee, Manuals Reconstruction Committee, in fact, Martha has served on every committee at one time or another.

Her neighborhood in the 61605, 61602, and some of 61603 should be quite aware of her community involvement for the past 25 years.  She is president of her Goose Lake Neighborhood Association, she helped create the Southside Community United for Change and currently serves as their President, she assisted in writing the Hope VI Grant which is now River West, she served on a national committee in Washington, DC that developed the 211 number which anyone may call for help, and her attributes go on and on.

The fact is Martha has not only been passionate about the Peoria Public School District, but also supportive of her neighborhood, community, and the entire City of Peoria.

Just a little trivia in closing:

Almost 70% of the children in our Peoria Public schools are minority.

Only about 8% of the teachers are minority.

Approximately 60% of the teachers are non-residents.