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Regard For Our Elderly By Kaye Bell

kay bellCaring for the elderly should be an important goal for everyone. It could be a member of your family, a friend, or a neighbor. A debilitating illness or just the feebleness of old age can make them unable to care for themselves adequately. Whatever the reasons, let us take the time and patience to show that we care and appreciate them.

Some elderly people have a difficult time accepting help because they have been so independent most of their lives. Receiving help from others can be hard to process. It could mean giving up their freedom of choice and voice, the only thing they feel that they have left.

The skill and understanding to care for a person that is becoming older must be carefully considered. Let us think about the fact that we are all maturing in age and how we would like to be treated during our change in life. Ask yourself, “What can I do to add pleasure to this person’s life?” “How can I help without the person feeling like I’m taking away their control?” Let us always be sensitive to the elderly’s needs without being overbearing. Remember, life will change for all of us; some of us just haven’t gotten there yet. As we treat our elderly with dignity and respect, let’s hope that when the maturing change of life takes place for us, the same kindness and generosity will be returned.