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Reality Check: Bolster Literacy and Math Skills During Summer Break By Latasha Schraeder

Believe it or not, we are at the half-way point of summer break. Say it ain’t so! I trust you have enjoyed some bonding moments, made some memories, and have taken advantage of this time to relax and unwind. August and the start of the new academic year will arrive far too quickly.

Now that your children have had time to ease into their lazy summer routines, it is time to hone their basic math facts and exercise their literacy skills. Requiring your children to read for a short period each day will pay great dividends next school year. I, personally, think traditional books are wonderful. But, iPads, laptops, and eBooks are also an option. Audio books are a possibility, too. Listening to the spoken word is another form or “reading”. There are many means to expose your children to literacy. Get creative!

There are also various ways to increase math skills. In addition to the use of basic flash cards, numerous math games and puzzles can be found in children’s activity books and online. Take the time to identify math resources that are either free of cost or very inexpensive. This time investment will reap huge benefits. Trust me.

I realize that everyone has been looking forward to the carefree days of summer. So, have I! However, I don’t wish the “summer slide” for you and your children. During the summer, students regress in their math and reading skills. Unfortunately, students do not pick up where they left off in May in the fall. Several weeks are spent recouping skills that have been lost from lack of use during summer break. This regression can be minimized by spending less than an hour each day flexing their math and reading muscles during summer break. Take heed! I sincerely wish you and your family an epic summer.

Be your child’s best advocate.