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Queen Esther Saved her People, as Peorians Look to Mayor Rita Ali to Transform Our City By Cassiette West-Williams 

As Minister Loreece Hightower prayed, she shared the similarity of how the Biblical Queen Esther’s spirit saved her people and how they rejoiced in it. Humble, Esther respected God’s covering and listened to the people and the Lord.

The first thing Madam Mayor did was thank God for winning the election and gave respect to her family members for their support and guidance. She listened to her campaign manager, daughter Brandy. Ali saluted her sister, Robin Grantham, for supporting her campaign. And she paid homage to her first teacher, mother Nora Bryant, whom she wrapped her arms around and embraced tightly. 

Native Peorians and people all over Illinois shouted Mayor Rita Ali’s victory over their ancestors’ souls, loving her image as a living, historical figure that children could touch and adults could feel in their hearts.

Internet messages forged forward, hitting the circuit fast and furiously, citing Mayor Ali’s poise and presence in city hall chambers. Blacks and Whites, Christians and Muslims, Democrats and Republicans, janitors and CEOs, city slickers and country residents were happy to witness the historical evening.

Like Esther, Mayor Ali is looked upon highly for her bravery, courage, personal sacrifice for her people, and commitment to God. The new mayor made it clear that she would not be elitist and ignore her community. Ali said that she would reach out and lean on experienced council members for their assistance, advice, and experience to make Peoria greater.


Newly elected city officials sworn-in on May 4, 2021 –

City Clerk Stefanie Tarr (administered the Oaths of Office),

Mayor Rita Ali,

City Treasurer Stephen Morris,

1st District Council Member Denise Jackson,

2nd District Council Member Charles Grayeb,

3rd District Council Member Timothy Riggenbach,

4th District Council Member Andre Allen,

5th District Council Member Denis Cyr, and

Township Supervisor LaTrina Leary. Leary is the 1st African American and woman elected as Township Supervisor.