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Quarantine Beauty & Fashion By Meicka “J”

Most of us have been stuck in the house due to “Shelter in Place.” Sheltering in Place is seeking protection from an environmental hazard by sealing self in a safe, secure location like home. One of the best things about it is nobody cares how you look– Hoodies with Birkenstocks and shorts as you work from home, or a crew neck with pajama pants as you “zoom” in for a meeting. We have learned less is more. Without the luxury of beauty services, we have resorted to self-care. Shelves in stores have been “cleared out.” When was the last time you saw an abundance of “press on nails” and 91% rubbing alcohol on shelves? Beauty supply stores were temporarily closed, leaving many of us in disarray as we have become dependent on beauty and hair needs.

The month of April was rough; between trying to cover those roots and jagged nails, many of us were in desperate need of TLC. Hey, we made it! We have learned to become self-reliant with tending to our own beauty needs. Youtube became our best friend, which could be the result of laptops flying off the shelves and currently out of stock in most area stores. Most retail stores were deemed “non-essential” so unless you had access to online shopping, shopping for clothes was a no go unless you frequented Target or Walmart. The bummer about the limited clothing shopping is the fact that you are not permitted to “try on” clothing, so that results in an increase for clothing returns, which may end up on clearance racks.

Can we talk about these protective masks? Some are so hot you can feel your frown lines sweating, and your eyeglasses become foggy. It’s hard to be cute with that new shade of lipstick you’ve been wanting to wear underneath that protective mask. If you still want to be cute and make a fashion statement, ditch the lipstick, and invest in a cute mask and don’t forget to put some vaseline on those lips underneath.

Now that some of the stores are slowly reopening, we have learned less is more, and many will continue tending to our own beauty needs by playing it safe and avoiding crowded areas. I know our bank accounts will appreciate it. Whatever you decide to do, please be safe!