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Purpose Driven: Stay the Course Latasha Schraeder

February is often a difficult month for students to stay motivated. In the Midwest, we have likely spent significant time indoors. At this point in the academic year, summer break is still several months in the future. Spring and the promise of warmer temperatures is at least a full month away. On a positive note, nearly three-quarters of the academic year are complete. As parents and educators we must seek ways to keep our students’ fires stoked! We are tasked with empowering our youth to stay the course. Teaching our students perseverance, goal setting, and the value of hard work will pay dividends in the future.

It is beneficial to review goals that were set at the beginning of the school year during the third quarter. It is not unusual for students to lose motivation during the long winter months. Consider adding an extra incentive for third quarter grades. Continue to stay in contact with teachers. Be extraordinarily vigilant monitoring homework completion and the amount of screen time for your children.

Encourage your children to continue to put their best foot forward. Do not allow the long winter days spent indoors to cause a lack of focus. While February tends to be a very long month with seemingly no end in sight, much academic growth can occur now. Avoid the tendency to increase screen time on I pads and video games as a form of entertainment. Spring is near. Stay the course!

Be your child’s fiercest advocate.