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PROPER POLITESSE – ETIQUETTE TIPS – Proper Introductions by Sherry Gordon-Harris

Greetings, Traveler Weekly Readers!

I’m Sherry Gordon-Harris, Certified Etiquette Consultant, owner and instructor of Royal Purpose School of Etiquette. Our purpose is to assist with the Total Refinement of You, including children and adults, by offering classes and workshops on Etiquette and proper Manners.

As we learned in the previous articles, Etiquette is the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Manners are a person’s outward bearing or way of behaving toward others. It’s a way in which a thing is done or happens. In general, Etiquette is simply respecting others and not causing an offense to others.

Introductions are an important social skill in both casual and business settings. The occasion may call for you to introduce yourself or others that may be accompanying you. Introducing yourself or others helps make people feel comfortable and at ease. It is also courteous to introduce any guest(s) you may have with you at an event or meeting when you encounter and speak to someone you already know. You don’t want to offend your guest(s) and make them feel left out. That would not be Proper Politesse. Besides, more pleasant and meaningful subsequent conversations can happen after proper introductions are made.

So, what is the proper way to introduce yourself or others? When introducing yourself in a casual social setting, the first step is to give a friendly greeting. Then let the person know your first name by saying, “I am…” and then say your first name. It is not proper to say, “My name is…”. It is kind of redundant to say it that way. Even though we may have been taught that way and the name tags in stores print it that way, it is not proper.

Giving your first name only without any of your titles is fine in a casual social setting such as a party or a family reunion. Next, you can tell your relationship to the host of the event or party. For example, “I’m a friend of…”. Or “I am related to…”.

When introducing someone to others, determine who should be introduced to whom. Say the name of the older or the higher-ranking person first. If those factors are equal, then say the name of the person you know better first. In a casual social setting, always introduce the guest(s) to the host or guest of honor.

In a business setting, the introductions are a little more formal. Use any appropriate titles, including both first and last names. If you are introducing an acquaintance to your boss, say your boss’ name first. However, if the person you are introducing is a client or business prospect, their name should be said first. If the person you are introducing has a relationship with you, share this with others. For example, you can say, “Dr. Jones, I’d like to introduce to you my business partner and long-time college friend, Mr. Johnson.”

Hopefully, these articles are helping you to learn additional Proper Politesse.

Once again, it has been my pleasure sharing this Etiquette tip with the Traveler Weekly Readers. There’s more to come. Well wishes to you and your family. I encourage everyone to “Live your life with Purpose in a Royal Manner.”

If you, your family, or group want to learn Etiquette for the first time or just want to brush up on your skills, consider enrolling in a scheduled class or book a private class with Royal Purpose School of Etiquette LLC. We are now offering Pageant Coaching Services specifically for those in pageants and other competitions. We can help with the Total Refinement of You.

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