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Proper Politesse – Etiquette Tips By Sherry Gordon-Harris

Greetings, Traveler Weekly Readers!

I’m Sherry Gordon-Harris, Certified Etiquette Consultant, owner and instructor of Royal Purpose School of Etiquette. Our purpose is to assist with the Total Refinement of You, including children and adults, by offering classes and workshops on Etiquette and proper Manners.

What is Etiquette and Manners? Etiquette and Manners go hand in hand. But they are not exactly the same. Etiquette, in general, is a set of rules dealing with exterior form. Manners, in general, are an expression of inner character.

Furthermore, Etiquette is the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. Manners are a person’s outward bearing or way of behaving toward others. It’s a way in which a thing is done or happens.

One important Etiquette tip that I’d like to first share is about Greetings.

It is appropriate to greet a person upon first encountering them for the first time of the day on each separate day of encountering them. These days the encounter may come on several different platforms. You may cross paths with someone in person, on the phone, in a virtual meeting, on a social media platform, or in a text message.

A Greeting should be polite words or a sign of welcome or recognition. It is a formal expression of goodwill said upon meeting someone or in a written message.

It is rude and selfish to just start talking to someone or asking a question to make your request(s) known before first speaking and giving a Greeting.

Because customary Greetings may vary by culture or the time of day, it is proper Manners to use a Greeting that aligns with the time of day and/or culture in which you find yourself. Some examples of Greetings include “Good Afternoon,” “Good Morning,” or “Top of the Morning to You” in Irish culture. Yet, in other cultures, it is appropriate to say “Peace Be Unto You.” If unsure, do research or use something general.

Whatever the time of day or culture, it is Proper Politesse, which is French for formal politeness or Etiquette, to give an appropriate Greeting to someone upon encountering them for the first time that day.

It has been my pleasure sharing this first Etiquette tip with the Traveler Weekly Readers. There’s more to come. Well wishes to you and your family.

So, whether you, your family, or group want to learn Etiquette for the first time or just want to brush up on your skills, consider enrolling in a scheduled class or book a private class with Royal Purpose School of Etiquette LLC. We can help with the Total Refinement of You. Contact Sherry Gordon-Harris at (309) 585-6145 or e-mail or visit Thank you.