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“POWER OF ATTORNEY” By Dunamis Insurance & Business Services

Pastor Harvey BurnettWhen planning for senior members of your family, please remember there is a difference between a power of attorney and a health care specific power of attorney.

Although some Power of Attorneys include both most don’t unless it is specified more specifically enumerated within the document.

A health care specific power of attorney will allow a family member to handle virtually all health care related to decisions for a specified family member. A health care specific power of attorney is sufficient to deal with doctors, skilled care and nursing home administrators, and to implement health care-related procedures and make arrangements. Without a document with specified health care of powers you will not be able to transact certain health related business for your family member nor obtain vital information.

Please make sure that when you are sitting with your attorney that your power of attorney is drawn to include health care specific powers and that the document or documents are both durable.

One more thing don’t get a health specific power of attorney confused with a living will. These are two different documents. Please ask your attorney or legal adviser to outline the differences and make sure that you are secured with your family health care needs and goals.

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