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POSTIVE EMPOWERMENT – Press On to Win By Katherine Young

You may be fatigued, but it’s not too late.
You may not think there’s a way of escape, but know that there is a ram in the bush if you just keep on pressing.
Keep on going no matter what.

Each day brings about a new opportunity—a new chance.
If you’re breathing and you have life in your body—this is your chance!
Press on to win.

Look fear in the face and declare “I am not scared of you!”
Hold faith near your heart and know that even with a mustard seed amount, you are unstoppable.
Your gifts are not just for you, so don’t be selfish.

Share your love, especially with those who need it most.
Shoot your best shot!
You never know the impact you may make in someone’s life.
In addition, expect great surprises to show up in your own life.

Press on to win.
You still have time.
And while there is time, may you make good use of it to keep on keepin’ on.

Hold your head up high.
Be determined to do a job well done.
You have greatness inside of you—never forget.
Press on to win.