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POSITIVE EMPOWERMENT Here Are Your Flowers By Katherine Young

In our finite minds, we think we have all the time in the world. We have time to fall in love. We have time to create a family and a legacy. We think we have time to be good to one another—or mistreat each other and then seek forgiveness. We hope we have time to follow our passions and goals. We wait because we think we have time to celebrate one another. In our minds, we have so much time.

When time has run its course for each of us, many regret not saying the right words, not showing love to others, not forgiving or seeking forgiveness. We ran out of time to give flowers to those we wanted to honor. We underestimated time.

Decide today that you will not wait for the “perfect” time because there is no such thing as true perfection. Decide today to celebrate, love, forgive, and offer up flowers for anyone you want to honor.

Thank you, Mrs. Elise Ford Allen, for creating a platform such as The Traveler for many African Americans to share our voices and our stories. I celebrate and honor you, knowing that you were given your flowers while you could enjoy them.