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Positive Empowerment for People by Katherine Young — Reflections from a Grateful Heart

Reflections from a Grateful Heart

By Katherine Young

Katherine Young photoI am so grateful to have grown up in a time when it seemed like the world slowed down to embrace family and friends, especially at times during the holiday season. We all got together in warm embrace, laughing and eating until our hearts were content. And as a little girl, I can distinctly remember us all gathering to pray over our variegated feast from broccoli cheese casserole to frosted tiered chocolate cakes on the buffet, and I was privileged to say the dinner prayer, pulling out my Little Golden book of thankfulness, reciting grace with joy and humility. Watching whatever major football game was on in between couch napping, and at my mother’s home, we took our happy parts in singing songs and dancing a classic two-step in the living room, or at my in-laws home, family came together to play games, eat my mom’s dynamite dressing and crème puffs, enjoying one another’s company. I do not take these memories for granted and have rekindled them along with new traditions for my own immediate family. For these experiences and memories, I am grateful.

Reminiscing on my SIUC college days, we had our own “friends feast” before Thanksgiving break and was grateful for my good friends and mine cooking skills learned by our mothers and grandmothers working next to each other preparing our own holiday spread: sweet potato pies, collard greens with cornbread, cheesy macaroni, dressing, and many more edible delights we were able to share with one another, a variable shade of diverse personalities, nationalities, and backgrounds enjoying who we all were to each other, living and loving the moment and memories we were making. For these experiences and memories, I am grateful.

Embrace this season to reflect and to laugh and share with your loved ones around you and beyond. May you renew bonds be it at the dinner table, in front of the game, or dancing a two-step. For in a world where there is so much cruelness and coldness, everyone can stand to feel some warmth from one heart to another. Peace and blessings to you.