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Pink is a Badge for the Brave By Lorraine B. Carter

Leafing through the clutter on my desk, I came upon a pink ribbon given to me many years ago. It was not representative of a particular cause at that time, in those days it was viewed as a girlie color. I did like the color; saving the ribbon, thinking I could use it on a birthday present one day. Now pink is the color for Breast Cancer Awareness and the fight for a cure.

It is the color which represents those with Breast cancer, those who have recovered from Breast Cancer and those who are fighting for a cure. Pink is the best color to make us all aware of a once terrifying and unspeakable disease, but now pink is worn by men and women no longer ashamed of telling the world they have had and are recovering from Breast Cancer. They know the beauty of a woman goes far beyond a Mastectomy or double Mastectomy. Men wear it and some other article of pink to acknowledge Breast Cancer week, an awareness that doesn’t stop.

Pink is a badge of courage to all who wear it and the pink ribbon on my desk is a reminder to get a Mammogram as soon as possible. I am thankful for all of the hard work from organizations, survivors, and supporters who get out there participating in numerous events to raise awareness.

The fight is in all of us because we all have had someone who has passed away or has survived Breast Cancer. So, I am thankful for the pink ribbon I have found on my “Cluttered Desk,” for reminding me to go for a Mammogram and to all of the survivors who keep us aware of their unending fight to end this disease, once and for all!