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Veterans Memorial Permanent Pavers = Perfect Presents!

Veterans Memorial

Permanent Pavers = Perfect Presents!

If you’re in need of the perfect gift, one that won’t be returned, re-gifted, or otherwise rejected, consider giving an inscribed brick paver this holiday season that will be permanently displayed in the foundation of the new  to be built in the Courthouse Plaza.

While the memorial will honor veterans who served in the Korean War, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Gulf War, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the War on Terrorism, brick pavers are not required to honor veterans who served in these conflicts, so long as the inscription is appropriate for public viewing.

Granite brick pavers are available in two sizes for purchase: 4”x 8” and 12” x 12.” A 4”x 8” brick is $150 and includes three lines of text, 20 characters per line. The 12”x 12” brick is $500 and includes nine lines of text, with 21 characters per line.

A certificate will be issued for each brick purchase that is suitable for presentation to the individual honored on the brick, if a veteran or other individual is recognized on the inscription.

For more information regarding the purchase of bricks, or to download the attached order form, visit, email, or call the Peoria County Auditor’s Office at (309) 697-6006.