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Peoria’s New Black-Owned Tamale Carry-Out Restaurant Opens by Robin Carter

Jeff Scott’s Hot Tamales, located at 2244 W. Glen Avenue (corner of West War Memorial and West Glen Avenue), held its Grand Opening on November 1st, 2022.

Albert (Al) Gordon and Alfred Scott, owner

Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday, 10 am-7 pm, closed on Sunday. Scott’s Hot Tamales are made fresh daily and ready for you–they are selling like “hotcakes.” These meaty, tasty Tamales are served mild, hot, and spicy and go well with potlucks, dinners, catering events, or just a side dish of your own. Whatever the occasion, these tamales are great!

The opening of this restaurant was a long-term dream come true for Alfred Scott. This family-owned restaurant was inspired by Scott’s deceased father, Jeff Scott, who shared a family recipe of “hot tamales” with his son. As a child, Alfred dreamed of being able to make tamales as his father did. Alfred was careful not to share this famous recipe with anyone as he had a vision of one day owning a restaurant and selling hot tamales of his own.

Alfred says it was instilled in him at an early age to be the best at whatever he does in life. He experienced some life-changing events in his past, but as time went on, he made a 180-degree turn for the betterment of himself and his wife, Ida. Alfred is a prime example of the Scripture, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). Thank God for the “pit stops” in our lives.

Alfred and other members of his family, such as his nephew, Al Gordon (Barber@ Barbershop on Wheels), aid each other with their businesses as their locations are side by side. The two men spent countless hours preparing for the opening of the restaurant. Today all of that hard work and dedication is making room for him.

Stop by and grab a bundle of “tamales” at Jeff Scott’s Hot Tamales, located at 2244 W Glen Avenue.

For delivery, call 309-340-6509.

Tell a friend, and tell a friend to tell a friend. Either way, you will be pleased with the results.