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Peoria: What Do You Want? By Katherine Young

I once read somewhere that when it is your time to speak up, know what it is that you want. PEORIA: What do you want? Take some time to think about it.

Do you want new grocery stores on the Southside to stop the food desert, which offer fresh produce, organic options, fair prices, a clean environment, and minorities placed in positions at all levels of business?

Do you want real small business opportunities where you can build, grow, and actually earn a good living and help contribute to your community? Do you want access to city contracts where you actually obtain them and grow your business within the city?

Do you want well-paying jobs so that you can take care of your family? Do you want programs available to help those with felonies earn a living with dignity and be able to rise above their past?

Do you want stricter laws for law enforcement? What does justice look like in your eyes?

PEORIA: What do you want?

Do you want more Black educators in your child’s schools, classrooms, teaching and leading in all of the district’s schools and not just in one area, so that there is a robust, diverse staff working with all students to teach with excellence, compassion, and rigor?

Do you want more fair opportunities for Black youth to learn various skills (jobs, crafts, etc.) so that they are ready to grow their own businesses and advance in life in a positive fashion?

Do you want a mayor who will care about the entire city of Peoria, IL allocating funds to build up every side of Peoria for families to feel safe and secure versus locked up and deprived?

Do you want neighbors who will look out for each other, take care of their homes, be leaders and not followers, and who are all in agreement for peace? Do you want a walking trail and bike route on the Southside?

Do you want more fair opportunities as a Black man or woman to buy homes, property, and advance within the city?

PEORIA: What do you want? Now is the time to speak up about what you want.