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Peoria Illinois Entrepreneurs Presents: A Conversation with Demetrius Harris By Katherine A. Young

As a homeowner, taking care of your lawn is an important feature for your home. Sometimes, you may need to outsource some of your work. Who best to help care for it but a positive business owner with an excellent work acumen? I had the pleasure of being acquainted with Demetrius Harris, a man with a great smile, work ethic, and a vision to leave a legacy for his children.

Who are you? What made you start your business? 

I’m Demetrius Harris, a native of Phoenix, Arizona. I started my business from a conversation with a buddy of mine who worked with me at the Children’s Home. We were talking about different ways to earn money and how to work for our kids. I wanted to pass something on with our name stamped to it. After being with the Children’s Home for almost thirteen years, I was laid off last June. I didn’t want to go through the application process again with some other company. Instead, I started working full-time for myself, for my kids. I had already been working my business on the side for six years, so it only made sense to start full-time. I didn’t have extra money saved up—instead of focusing on that, I dived all-in to work for myself and my legacy. So far, things are going well.

How has business been since the pandemic? What services do you offer?

It was the off-season during the pandemic, so I wasn’t affected at all. To supplement my income, I also did some delivering. My business brings in decent money, and I offer other services to round out my business, such as mowing, some landscaping, lawn edging, mulching, pressure washing, deliveries, brake/oil changes, spring/fall clean-ups, gutters, snow/leaf removal, dryer vent cleaning, small assembly, trashcan cleaning, and more if you talk to me about what you need. I’m pretty reasonable. I offer small deals such as mowing weekly or biweekly, depending on the size.

What words of wisdom would you have for the youth?

  • The sky is the limit.
  • You can do anything you put your mind to.
  • Find something legal that you’re good at and run with it.   
  • Be yourself.
  • Follow your own path.
  • Be respectful and be great. 

How can people connect with you online? How do you prefer to be contacted? 

The best way to contact me online is on Facebook at
(or Harris Mowing and More in the search bar). Text messaging works great as well. 

Keep supporting small business owners and connect with Demetrius Harris today!