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Pay Phones, Yellow Pages and Video By Mark Lampkin

Did the title of this blog post make you feel old? Did you get nostalgic and reminisce about something that is now available only via a Google search?

For those of us who have birth years prior to 1999…we have the ability to remember things that once were deemed “important and irreplaceable”, which we now easily live without. Pay phones. CD players. Road maps. Yellow pages.

As business people, we remember the money we had to allocate toward having a visible placement in the yellow pages of your local telephone directory/book. Not getting your ad in prior to their printing, which happened only once a year, was not something to celebrate. Because you knew that getting your phone to ring by someone who saw your ad, and may be in need of what you do…could be death to your enterprise.

Yet today, if you look at the small size and number of ads that are placed in those same yellow pages, you would wonder if it’s because those businesses have closed. No. The fact is, smart businesses have understood the importance of shifting their resources, and your attention, to the most recent business “must have.”


Today’s wise business owner is using video and social media in some capacity. They may have been convinced of its relevance easily, or came to see-the-light kicking and screaming. Either way, they have shifted those marketing dollars from a dead-end resource to one that is increasing the number of leads received for their business. Money invested wisely.

For the past year I have written about a number of topics that I felt were important to consider; whether you are an established business, a new franchisee or a just-formed enterprise. Yet, I never told you what it is that I do to help business owners. Today, I will give you the short version…

This amazing thing we call The Internet allows business people to connect in a number of ways that were not possible before. My goal, as a video/media services company, is to help you/them/us to drive interest about our products and services by sharing short and pertinent stories via online video. Videos that can be viewed on a computer screen, laptop, tablet or cell phone. ANYWHERE!

Having online videos gives you a chance to interact with people locally, regionally or worldwide. It’s all available. Your reach is only limited by your imagination.

We craft video messages that can tell who you are, why you provide the products/services they need, and even a funny story. Video allows customers to “get to know” you. And the saying is still true today that people want to do business with someone they know, like and trust.

If you are currently using video in your business – Congratulations. If you have not yet made that wise choice – let’s talk. Soon.

I don’t want your business to go the way of the pay phone or yellow pages.