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Pandemic: Lessons By Latasha Schraeder

A few lessons COVID-19 is teaching us are patience, flexibility and the ability to remember all of these recent changes are likely temporary. Don’t get discouraged. School will eventually return to normal. While we are still navigating the worldwide pandemic, use the situation as a life lesson. Set an example for your children on how to manage time, emotions, and elf-care.

Have honest and frank conversation with your family and teachers about hybrid or virtual learning. Identify strengths and weaknesses that have been discovered during this novel form of learning. Which changes need to be made? Which routines should be kept? Which are lessons learned? How can we individualize support needed for each student?

It is important to continue to partner with teachers to be sure your children receive the support they need to be successful in hybrid or virtual learning. All students are being challenged in different ways. Some are struggling, but we have only completed one quarter of the school year. Stay optimistic! There is plenty of time to make adjustments to help students succeed. In fact, teachers and students will likely need to make small changes for the remainder of the year. We must all remain flexible and willing to do what it takes to ensure our students’ success.

If you are monitoring your children’s districtwide assessment scores they may be lower than usual. This is to be expected considering we are not learning in a traditional manner. Do not be alarmed. Assessments are a snapshot in time. Remind yourself that things will normalize once we are able to return to a traditional in-person school day. Again, remain patient and stay positive. We’ve got this! Be well.