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“OUR Season Of Power” By Sherry Lorraine Carter-Allen

Sherry Lorraine Carter-Allen

Sometimes I journal about people, places, things, and situations that really impact my life. I’m not always consistent in my journaling, but when I do, I attempt to linguistically describe my feelings so one day when my future generations read my journal, they will channel my feelings through my writings. On this particular day, I was driven to write about the abounding joy and excitement I felt when Kamala Devi Harris soulfully strutted out on stage on Saturday Night, November 7, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware and took her rightful place as the FIRST Woman…the FIRST Woman of Color…the FIRST Black Woman…the FIRST African American Indian Woman to forever change the chronicles of our American History as the Vice President Elect of the United States of America!

As an African American Woman, this meant so much more to me than an election that was won. This was a loud astounding war cry from the majority of “We, the People” declaring that alas, in this time, in this space, in this “season”, we will not give in to divisiveness separating us through hate and bigotry, but we will unite as the greatest Nation in the World and lift our voices through our inalienable right to vote and bring forth Kamala Harris as the 46th Vice President Elect of OUR United States of America.

What a blessing for my Mother, Daughters and Granddaughters to witness a carriage of justice that has so often illuded our People, especially our African American Women. Because after all, since the time when America’s shores received us in chains, our royal strength cradled and nurtured generations to come…but of course many times our voices were silenced and if we dare spoke out, not only did we pay dearly…we were considered loud, angry and boisterous Black Women…even today! But now…right now…in this time…in this space…in this “season”, our Black Women walk in power…unapologetically!

My heart is even fuller because I have had the privilege to personally know and celebrate our Local elected African American Women who were also on the historical November 3rd, 2020 Ballot; Illinois State Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth, the First African American Woman representing the Illinois House of Representative 92nd District and Deputy Majority Leader; Peoria County Clerk Rachael Parker who was the First African American to be elected as the Peoria County Clerk; County Auditor Jessica Thomas, the First Woman and the First African American Woman to be elected as Peoria County Auditor; Peoria County Board Member Brandy Bryant representing Peoria County Board District #5; Peoria County Board Member Betty Duncan representing Peoria County Board District #3; and the Honorable Judge Mary McDade of the Illinois 3rd District Appellate Court.

To God be the Glory for the shoulders of our Foremothers who carried us through generations and sacrificed their voice so we can speak loudly in “Our Season of Power.”

Inspired by: “A Page from Ms. Sherry’s Journal”