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Our Children, Our Future By Robin Carter

Robin Carter - Bird's NestIn 1985 Whitney Houston wrote the song, “The Greatest Love of All,” acknowledging and saying, “I believe the children are our future, treat them well and let them lead the way.” I personally believe that she wanted to display a message that success starts with small things; things that grow into larger things over time. Children are unique; their little brains are like sponges and can/will soak up the things that are learned, whether good or bad. We as responsible adults must be cautious in how and what we choose to teach them for we are their role models.

As a child there were individuals who inspired me and I wanted to be a carbon copy of them when I grew up. Some of them were teachers, some family and friends. It is sad to say, but not all adults are “children friendly” and thus choose to spend less time around them.

As adults we must realize that the real future lies in the hands of our children and our first priority should be to nurture and educate our youth. I am reminded of First Lady Michelle Obama who along with some other Democrats and Republicans was able to get the “Child Nutrition Bill” passed in 2010. This legislation provides for lunch programs that feed countless numbers of children daily. This standard set limits on the amount of calories, fat and sodium intake provided to our children. This is just a small, but rather large token of how caring for our children is so very vital.

Our Children, Our FutureHowever, in this particular article the individual I would like to focus on is a divorced mother of three grown-up children and one grandchild. She is well-known locally in Peoria for her expertise, her love and the time she spends with children. She is the Co-Founder/CEO of a Youth Group entitled, (TSO) Teens Stepping Out/Teens Speaking Out, a Step Team Leader/Coordinator at Peoria Public School District #150, a Cosmetologist and a Youth Choir Director at The Church Of The Living God #130, where our Pastor is Vice Chief Bishop Leroy Smith Jr. and where “our guest receives our best.”

The individual I am writing about is my best friend, Ms. Diane Hines. Ms. Hines is a people person and has a special place in her heart for children. She helps them emotionally, spiritually and makes getting an education fun while they learn and improve in areas where needed. The time she spends with others’ children, one would think she has no children of her own. Peoria could use a hundred more Diane’s in the city and around the world as well.